Why breasfeeding is important

Many new mothers are wondering why breastfeeding is important.why breastfeeding is important

Breastfeeding is good for babies up to six months (for some, even older!). However, most (busy) mothers do not realize how important breastfeeding for baby and even do not care choose the good foods for breastfeeding mom.

Here I list some of good foods for breastfeeding mom.

  • vegetables and fruits.

Vegetables are not only good food for breastfeeding mom, it also gives off the kind of nutrients that your baby needs for bone development: Vitamin D. Let me walk you through it. When your baby takes in calcium via breast milk, your baby cannot convert this calcium for bone storage. Vitamin D will help the conversion of this calcium to an absorb able type which are then stored in the bones. Vitamin D rich foods are fish, milk, eggs and butter. But, the highest content of Vitamin D rich foods are found in fish oil and most of all, good old sunlight. So you better add more veggies and fruits to your grocery list.

  • Milk.

Your breast milk is primarily composed of calcium. Every day, mothers are giving their babies approximately 250 mg! Since these are drawn out from you, you must therefore compensate for the loss. Daily intake of milk will ensure both your baby as well as yourself. Just make sure that those products are not spoiled. This rule also applies to other food types.


  • Water.

you must make sure that the fluid lost in your body is replenished. Never ignore drinking water. Never ignore your thirst. Besides, if you ignore your thirst, it will give you a difficult situation like constipation.

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